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I'm all about making things better, safer, and more enjoyable. This is my hobby. It is my way of life. I don't always get it right, but I always try to learn from each iteration, and use that knowledge to make improvments to my methods.

The way I see it, life is short, amazing, and obviously better spent in the service of good.

We should always work towards something better with a flexible diligence.

We should take the time to throroughly savor what we are and what we have.

We should take the time to share it with those around us.

These are the principles by which I try to live my life.


I study web technologies and develop web apps because it's fun, because I love it and because I think it can change the world.

No matter how big or how small, I view each new project as an opportunity to create a work of art.

Each new task is approached with passion and an open-mind.

Then an optimal balance of speed and thorougness is sought as I commit myself to the timely completion of a product that meets or beats expectations.


  • To create good memories, pleasing designs, elegant code and kick-ass projects
  • To earn what I get, learn what I can, and make worthwhile contributions
  • To have fun, work hard, enjoy life, and everyday look for ways that can help make things better


  • HTML5
  • CSS3/Sass
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • Node/npm
  • Git/GitHub
  • Gulp
  • Illustrator

My Treehouse Projects

My Treehouse Projects

Check out some of my many school Projects...

My Treehouse Projects My Treehouse Projects

Click on the image above to checkout the projects I've built while learning from and working with the great people over at Team Treehouse.

My Personal Projects

My Personal Projects

Galactic Odometer

Galactic Odomoeter

Ever wonder how fast you're moving when you're standing still, or how far you've traveled through space during your lifetime.

Galactic Odomoter D.O.B. Form
  • Graphic of Earth's Spin
  • Graphic of Earth's Orbit

Enter your date of birth and a JavaScript powered odometer calculates and outputs a running count of the approximate space miles you've traveled.

CSS is used to create a "literal" dashboard. Cool animations, images and video explain both how the planet actually moves through the galaxy in a number of different ways, and how the number of miles is calculated.

Open Project

Version 1 - Winter, 2014

Version 2 - Fall, 2015

Version 3 - Coming Soon

Galactic Odomoeter GitHub Project RepoSource Code

The 'E' Ching

The 'E' Ching

Though I never put too much faith into such things, I always thought the "I Ching" was fascinating culturally, philosophically, and even spiritually. So I built a digital one to make it easier to check out.

  • I Ching Coins
  • I Ching Coins
  • I Ching Coins
  • I Ching Coins

A dark and simplistic style sets the tone. Smooth fade-ins help create a bit of an ethereal feeling. A CSS sprite animation gives life to coins you can flip with the press of a button. Then JavaScript produces six random coin flips, which are added up to generate the six broken or unbroken lines that form an "I Ching" Hexagram.

Lastly, one of sixty four possible hexagrams is displayed along with a reading of that hexagram, which I painstakingly hard coded into a long and terrible conditional statement. Someday I'll replace it with a proper Object Literal.

Open Project

Version 1 - Fall, 2015

Version 2 - Coming Soon

The 'E' Ching GitHub Project RepoSource Code

The Decid-o-matic

The Decid-o-matic

This was the first JavaScript program I ever wrote completely solo.

Some simple DOM manipulation and conditional statements prompt the user with a series of questions and determine if a particular course of action is a good idea or not. I added a bunch of CSS to give it some smooth retro style. Lots of fun!.

Styled completely with CSS. No images.

Open Project

Version 1 - Fall, 2014

Version 2 - Winter, 2015

The Decid-o-matic GitHub Project RepoSource Code

Art Gallery

Gianni's Art Gallery

Can a website simulate a stroll through a museum? Of course it can!

In need of some practice and a project to work on, I took some of the art my brother created in college, optimized it in Illustrator and I used it to create this automated side scrolling website that plays music while displaying my brother's original art in a mostly CSS generated museum hall.

Mobile and tablet functionality coming in version 2. Art by Gianni Vardanega, 3D Lighting Artist.

Open Project

Version 1 - Summer, 2015

Version 2 - Coming Soon

Gianni's Art Gallery GitHub Project RepoSource Code

My Web Dev Journey:
The Evolution of a Portfolio

My Web Dev Journey

Evidence of my progress, and the fun I've had along the way...

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My Process

My Process

This is how I do it...

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A Code Poem

var uman = "Amazing life-form,"; var kan = "capable of great things,"; var du = "abide"; var you = uman + kan + du; var reality = []; var life = reality.push(you);
var joy = function (moment) { if (life) { for (var i=0; i<infinity; i++) { life.learnAllYouCan(); life.findSomebodyToLove(); life.makeTheBestOfEveryMoment(); reality.write("No worries"); } } else { reality.write("No worries"); } };

RPM, 2015